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Co-Sponsoring the Screening & Reading of Negeri Lima Menara by Ahmad Fuadi

Asian American Writer's Workshop HQ

October 9, 2018

A Memorable Evening with Ahmad Fuadi – Celebrating Literature and Film

A captivating event recently took place featuring the esteemed Indonesian writer, Ahmad Fuadi. The evening was filled with literary enchantment and cinematic brilliance as attendees delved into the world of Fuadi’s bestselling novel, “Negeri 5 Menara” (The Land of Five Towers), and its inspiring film adaptation. This memorable gathering, co-sponsored by the American-Indonesian Cultural & Educational Foundation and the Indonesian Film Forum New York, aimed to support families affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia.

Ahmad Fuadi, an accomplished journalist, novelist, and social entrepreneur, graced the event with his presence and shared his remarkable literary journey. “Negeri 5 Menara” is the first book in Fuadi’s trilogy, which chronicles the life of Alif, a young Muslim boy on a transformative quest to an Islamic boarding school. This uplifting tale has captivated readers worldwide and even served as the source of inspiration for a top-grossing film in Indonesia.

The event commenced with Ahmad Fuadi treating the audience to a heartfelt reading from “Negeri 5 Menara,” allowing attendees to immerse themselves in the poignant narrative and experience the power of his words firsthand. Following the reading, selected scenes from the film adaptation, directed by the talented Affandi Abdul Rachman, were showcased. The visual depiction brought Fuadi’s story to life, evoking a range of emotions and enhancing the audience’s appreciation for the tale’s depth and impact.

After the screening, an engaging conversation unfolded, featuring Ahmad Fuadi, Margaret Scott (co-founder of the New York Southeast Asian Network), and Lutfi Kurniawan (Director of the Indonesian Film Forum New York). Their insightful dialogue explored the themes and inspirations behind Fuadi’s work, shedding light on the cultural significance and impact of his storytelling. Attendees had the opportunity to gain unique insights into the novel, its adaptation to the silver screen, and its profound influence on Indonesian literature and society.

To add to the cultural experience, the event organizers were delighted to present a delectable spread of authentic Indonesian cuisine prepared by the talented chef Nani Licious. The delightful food transported attendees to the rich culinary traditions of Indonesia, further immersing them in the vibrant cultural tapestry of the country.

One of the highlights of the evening was the collective effort to support those affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia. Generous donations from attendees contributed towards assisting these families in rebuilding their lives and offering them hope in the face of adversity. Every contribution made a significant difference and showcased the compassion and solidarity of the community.

Beyond his literary achievements, Ahmad Fuadi’s commitment to social causes was evident. In 2009, he established Komunitaas Meara (Community of the Towers), a volunteer-based organization dedicated to providing education to underserved children in Sumatra, Java, and Sulawesi. Fuadi’s dedication to making a positive impact through education serves as an inspiration to all.

Heartfelt gratitude goes out to all who attended this memorable event. Their presence and support contributed to its success and enabled the celebration of the magic of literature and film together. The organizers are also immensely grateful to the American-Indonesian Cultural & Educational Foundation and the Indonesian Film Forum New York for their co-sponsorship, which made this event possible.

For those who were unable to join, exploring Ahmad Fuadi’s trilogy, including “Negeri 5 Menara,” “Ranah 3 Warna” (The Earth of 3 Colors), and “Rantau 1 Muara,” is highly encouraged. These remarkable books offer profound insights into friendship, life at Islamic boarding schools, and the changing ideas of self in Indonesia and the Malay World.

Let us continue to appreciate and celebrate the arts, fostering understanding and unity among diverse cultures. Together, a difference can be made to support those in need, as demonstrated by the generosity and compassion shown during this event.