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About us


Welcome to IFF website, where we invite you to join us in the heart of New York City and embark on a captivating cinematic journey to Indonesia. Celebrate the enchanting world of Indonesian cinema with your loved ones, creating unforgettable moments amidst the magic of the big screen

The Indonesian Film Forum (IFF) is a dynamic organization established in 2016 by a group of passionate individuals, including Lutfi Kurniawan, Amalia Suryani, Emilia Chandra, and Mohammad Riza. The organization’s primary goal is to promote Indonesian cinema and culture in New York City and the wider United States. With a strong commitment to showcasing Indonesian films and fostering cultural exchange, IFF has become a vital platform for bringing Indonesian cinema to New Yorkers and the international community.


IFF traces its roots back to late 2014 when a group of Indonesian young professionals in New York City formed the Indonesian American Cine Club (IACC). Led by visionary individuals such as Iin Purwanti, Amalia Suryani, Irma Hidayana, Emilia Chandra, Cholil Mahmud, and Lutfi Kurniawan, IACC organized monthly screenings of Indonesian movies at the Anthology Film Archive in New York City throughout 2015. However, due to logistical challenges and waning audience interest, the IACC experimental program came to a halt in mid-2015.


Undeterred by the setbacks, the former members of IACC regrouped and established the Indonesian Film Forum (IFF) at the end of 2016. IFF’s mission is clear: to promote Indonesian film and culture in New York City and the United States. The organization seeks to introduce Indonesian cinema to a broader audience, raising awareness of the diverse stories, traditions, and talent that Indonesia has to offer. Through various initiatives, events, and collaborations, IFF aims to foster appreciation, cultural understanding, and dialogue between Indonesia and the international community.


Since its inception, IFF has played a pivotal role in curating and screening Indonesian films throughout New York City, allowing audiences to experience the rich tapestry of Indonesian storytelling. Central to IFF’s efforts is the annual Indonesian Film Festival in New York, a flagship event that began in 2017 and ran successfully until 2019. This festival provided a platform for Indonesian filmmakers to showcase their work to local and international audiences, fostering cultural exchange and artistic collaboration. Additionally, IFF has organized regular screenings of Indonesian films throughout New York City, enabling cinephiles and curious viewers to immerse themselves in the diverse narratives and unique perspectives offered by Indonesian cinema.


IFF upholds several core values that underpin its activities and aspirations. The organization aims to encourage people to engage with cinema, enjoy shared experiences, and explore the richness of Indonesian life through film. IFF also places importance on honoring the roots and traditions of Indonesian culture and promoting women’s rights through the stories and representations portrayed in Indonesian films.


With a focus on New Yorkers and the international community residing in New York City, IFF strives to broaden awareness and understanding of Indonesian culture, nurturing an appreciation for the nation’s rich heritage and cinematic contributions. IFF distinguishes itself by incorporating Indonesian food and snacks at all film screenings, providing an immersive experience that allows audiences to savor the flavors of Indonesia while enjoying its cinema. Furthermore, IFF actively supports and encourages emerging filmmakers, providing them with a platform to showcase their work and fostering an environment of collaboration and growth. The organization also collaborates with various philanthropic organizations, aligning with their missions to contribute to societal well-being through film-related endeavors.


As IFF looks to the future, its vision is for Indonesia to gain greater popularity in New York City and the wider United States. The organization aims to facilitate a deeper understanding and recognition of Indonesian culture, the film industry, and the talented filmmakers from Indonesia. Moreover, IFF aspires to build bridges between the Indonesian and American film industries, fostering cultural exchange, artistic collaboration, and stronger relationships between the two nations.


The Indonesian Film Forum (IFF) stands as a dedicated advocate for Indonesian cinema and culture in New York City and beyond. Through its programs, screenings, and collaborations, IFF endeavors to introduce New Yorkers and the international community to the captivating world of Indonesian films. With a focus on fostering appreciation, cultural understanding, and collaboration, IFF plays a crucial role in promoting Indonesian cinema and building meaningful connections between Indonesia and the United States.